Best 8 Museums Museums in Serbia

Nikola Tesla Museum

This museum is located in Belgrade and it is well-known all over Serbia. It is one of the most famous museums there since it wears the name of one of the greatest minds who ever lived on this planet, Nikola Tesla. This institution was created to further the knowledge about Tesla’s work, but other than the obvious educational goal, it also has a memorial function. This museum is the only one in the whole world which has the original documents of Tesla, and also his personal legacy. This institution holds more than 160000 original documents and also more than 2000 books and periodicals. They have photographs of original technical items, historical and technical exhibits and more than 1000 plans and drawings! If you’re a fan of Tesla, you should definitely visit this museum; you won’t regret it!

Museum of Ivo Andrić

The Memorial Museum of Ivo Andrić is also located in Belgrade. It’s an important museum because it was dedicated to one of the greatest writers this country has ever seen and who also won the Nobel Prize, Ivo Andrić. Today it is part of the Museum of the City of Belgrade. The visitors love this place and they have nothing but positive things to say about it! This museum was actually Andrić’s apartment once, which they, later on, turned into a small museum. They have many pictures and documents about his life, the Nobel Prize plaque is also there! If you like the Yugoslavian history or literature, you should definitely check out this place!

Museum of African Art

The Museum of African Art is also located in the great Belgrade. This museum is really interesting because it is dedicated entirely to African art and there’s no similar museum in these parts. It’s truly one of a kind in Central Europe. The permanent display is based on West African art and it is really amazing. They don’t act only as a museum, but also as an educational center. They offer many activities which give wide knowledge about the richness of the African culture and creativity to its visitors. If you love African culture and art, you will have a great time here!

Museum of Vojvodina

The Museum of Vojvodina is situated in the heart of Novi Sad and it is known to be one of the biggest general museums in the country. It has great collections of cultural heritage from Vojvodina so if you want to know more about their culture and way of life, there’s no better place for that than this museum! They have more than 400000 objects to showcase and also a library with more than 50000 volumes. Some visitors say that when they visited this place, they had the feeling that they were actually time traveling because they saw so many things from so many different historical eras. This museum offers a really great time, so if you’re nearby, make sure to visit and see why everyone is so pleased with this place!

Museum of Vuk and Dositej

This museum is dedicated to Vuk Stefanović Karadžić, the greatest reformer of the language of the Serbs, and to Dositej Obradović who was a well-known Serbian writer and he’s also known for being the first Minister of Education of Serbia. This museum is really important because it shows their lives and successes. The building consists of two floors, the ground floor, and the first floor. On the ground floor, you can find some of Obradović’s personal belongings and a bunch of manuscripts and books. The first floor is Karadžić’s, his personal belongings, documents and also portraits can be found here. If you want an insight into the life of these two men, who are really important people in the Serbian history, you should definitely check out this museum!

Lepenski Vir

Lepenski Vir is one of the most interesting and important sites in the whole country. It’s a Mesolithic archaeological site, they believe that it was once a village with many more satellite villages. They found a bunch of interesting sculptures and architecture there which you can visit and check out! The discovery and the history of this place are really interesting so I suggest you do a smaller research on this topic, it’s really fascinating actually! They say that the houses in this village were built as smaller Sun shrines, in the actual shape of the Sun. All in all, this place is really fascinating and we recommend you to visit it as soon as possible, you will be amazed once you see it!

National Museum of Kragujevac

The origin of this museum could be traced back to Prince Miloš himself when he started collecting various pieces of art but this information is questionable so they say that the actual museum was established in 1949 with really little objects and only 3 employees. The museum grew since then and today it’s a well-known and beloved museum in Serbia. This institution covers the fields of history, art, and archaeology. This historically relevant museum awaits your visit!

Museum of Naïve and Marginal Art

The Museum of Naïve and Marginal Art is located in Jagodina and it’s a unique one in the country. They try to protect and preserve the art pieces they receive, they also do various kinds of research. The visitors are always really pleased with the exhibitions there, they say that just like the museum, they are also one of a kind. If you like art, especially naïve and marginal art, don’t hesitate to visit this place!